[] The DECWindows Archive []

The DECwindows Archive is up since 1991 and is devoted to archive free software available for OpenVMS systems running DECWindows graphical environment (the X11/Motif implementation of Digital)

Many software available here were ported from various Unix systems (especially from Linux recently) by some kind people. I have also made some contribution to this porting effort.

Thematic Download Pages

o Astronomy Applications
o Audio and Sound
o Clocks
o Flight Simulators
o Action Games
o Cards Games
o Strategy Games
o Graphical Libraries
o Graphic Toys
o Window Managers
o Text Editors and Terminals
o Spreadsheets and Databases
o Drawing Tools
o Image Editors and Viewers
o Video and Animation
o Web Tools
o PDF and Postscript Viewers
o Screen Savers and Lockers
o X Window Libraries
o X Window Utilities

New Additions

o Year 2002 additions
o Year 2001 additions
o Year 2000 additions
o Years 19xx additions

(Digital, OpenVMS and DECwindows are trade marks of Hewlett-Packard Company).

   Last Update: January 2 2003    

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