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CTWM 3.3 (15-FEB-1995/27-JAN-1998)

TWM with Multiple Screens - Author: Claude Lecommandeur
Licence: Free usage and distribution - See Copyright notices in source files
VAX: DEC C 5.0, VMS 6.1 - Alpha: DEC C 5.2, VMS 6.2

   CTWM is an extension to twm, that support multiple virtual screens,
 and a lot of other goodies.

   You can use and manage up to  32 virtual screens called workspaces.
 You swap  from one workspace to another by  clicking on a button  in an
 optionnal panel of buttons (the workspace manager) or by invoking a function.

   You can custom  each workspace by choosing  different colors, names
 and pixmaps for the buttons and background root windows.

   Main features are :

       - Optional 3D window titles and border (ala Motif).
       - Shaped, colored icons.
       - Multiple icons for clients based on the icon name.
       - Windows can belong to several workspaces.
       - A map of your workspaces to move quickly windows between
         different workspaces.
       - Animations : icons, root backgrounds and buttons can be animated.
       - Pinnable and sticky menus.
       - etc...

Ctwm 3.3 from CNAM
Ctwm 3.3 Screenshot

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